About Me


My name is Joe Forster. I work in the video games industry, currently as a programmer for Eutechnyx Ltd, and my primary interests lie in AI, gameplay and online/multiplayer programming and design. I also like to play guitar and write (short) fiction, though that’s more on the hobby side of things right now. If you’re after my CV, you can get it here (PDF). You can also spam me on LinkedIn:


Games, and the making thereof, are a passion of mine. Professionally I’m currently working on the online racing game Auto Club Revolution. I have a bunch of personal projects; those suitable for public consumption are available under the appropriate sections above. I’ve had a tendency to jump between projects, and haven’t often had the time I would’ve liked to work on personal stuff, but that situation is improving. Code of mine that I’ve made public is available at Other newer projects will be made public once they’re ready.


I like to write fiction, particularly speculative fiction. I have a handful of short  stories completed, a few partially-written and a big ol’ pile of ideas. When I get a chance to tidy and package them up, I’ll put them up in a new section of the site. I also have a novel – originally borne of the wonderful NaNoWriMo – at about 70-80% completion. This is part of a planned trilogy, which ties in with the Battle for Polaris backstory.