Still around.

by on May.09, 2011, under Personal

I haven’t updated the site in quite a while, I know. between work, family, Dragon Age and other distractions, I’ve somewhat neglected this blog and site, and I felt pretty bad about it, so I thought I’d check in.

I have been investigating a few things with Battle for Polaris that has caused a bit of a roadblock; partly on what design direction it should take, and to extent what involvement OGRE should have in its future development. I’m playing around with some additions that would move it in more of a sandbox adventure (think Elite and its offshoots) kind of direction.

There is also a new project in the pipeline, currently also in the planning / messing around stages. Years ago I wrote a little¬†rogue-like game as part of a university project in Java, and although the original code is a hideous spaghettified mess, I’ve always wanted to make an attempt at my take on the genre. In my professional life I’ve taken a liking to Python –¬†not just in a Stockholm syndrome way, either – and, paired with libtcod, it looks like the way to go.

I’ll hopefully be updating more often from this point, on my progress in these projects as well as possibly some inane personal stuff.

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