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Ha, you thought I was serious when I said I’d be posting more often. Excuses aside, I’m just going to post a “brief” summary of what kind of things I’m wanting to work on and at what kind of stage they are. Again, this is largely for my own benefit.

Battle for Polaris

It’s been so long since I did anything major with this project, at least in terms of adding features. I’m still mired in refactoring it to make it compatible with latest versions of OGRE/CEGUI/etc, mainly so that I can have a nice CMake project and build it across different IDEs and OSs.

After that, I want to revisit and possibly revise the roadmap. There’s still an overwhelming amount of stuff I want to do with this project.

Die Evil Rocks (project codename!)

This is a 2D game project using pygame that I’ve been working on a bit. Since I’m a Sci-Fi nerd who can’t draw people or animate, it’s naturally another space game.

As usual, I have mega-ambitious ideas for this project. I don’t want to go into too much detail on it yet, but suffice to say that I’m being greatly influenced by an all-time favourite Star Control 2 as well as the glut of indie Metroidvania-style games we’ve been seeing.

I have a more sensible and achievable (in the shorter term) prototype/demo that involves showing off the flight controls and combat in a more limited explorable environment.

A lot of of the base game engine framework is down, and I’m working on getting a decent side-scrolling spaceship control system working. Again, this is more a matter of iterating over and tweaking a design, since obviously the controls are a massively important aspect of a combat/exploration game. I have in mind a weighty but not awkward physics-based flight system for the controls; Defender and Lunar Lander are both points of inspiration and not anywhere near what I want; Aquaria is probably the closest thing to the weighty but intuitive movement I have in mind for my game that I can think of.

The code is on my BitBucket, but I’m not going to make it public until I’ve got something worth showing – at least some nice controls and basic visuals.


This is on hold, pending a proper (initial) design, as well as a decision on what language/framework I want to use. I started off with Python and libtcod, but might end up going with C/C++. This is partly for performance reasons, and wanting to implement interesting things like lighting and line-of-sight myself. Back burner for the time being though.

Roguelikes are one of my favourite genres, and I’ve always wanted to make a classic-style ASCII one of my own. Unfortunately I’m currently just more excited about Die Evil Rocks and Battle for Polaris.


The novel is at about 70-80% completion of the first draft – most of the story is done, but I’m busy working another perspective into it that should tie the narrative together better.

Also, one of these weekends I’m going to sit down, pick out a short story idea from the bucket, and bash something out. In the mean time, I’m looking into putting up some of my old short stories here, if I deem them not to be too embarrassing.

Interactive Fiction

I’ve recently become aware of interactive fiction – not that I didn’t know it existed before, but you know what I mean – and I’m quite interested in putting my hand in there. Current plan is:

  1. Research the interactive fiction engines/frameworks out there – either find one to use, or thing about implementing it myself.
  2. Come up with a decent premise or story, or adapt an existing one to the plan
  3. Make the bloody thing

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