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Dot Muncher 0.1a

by on Aug.18, 2014, under Dot Muncher

I did a little something, which I thought might be worth putting up here. I was recently given this as a C++/SDL programming assignment, but got a bit carried away and effectively re-wrote the whole thing with my own code. I also did all of the terrible programmer art myself in GIMP.

It’s nothing too creative right now, just a Pac-Man clone. Just the one level at the moment, and without a fancy intro or game over screen. Control with the arrow keys.

I’ve found this to be a worthwhile exercise in just writing a little game to finish, and it’s a pretty decent example of my recent code. It’s heavily commented, particularly with a few more changes I plan on doing soon-ish.


Dot Muncher 0.1a for Windows (.ZIP, 1.83 Megabytes)

Dot Muncher Source (BitBucket repository)

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